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Department of Civil Engineering (Lead Partner)

UPatras is a multidisciplinary Higher Education Institution which is located in Patras, Western Greece. Department of Civil Engineering offers the best possible education to its students; prepares them for lifelong learning, service to society and responsible leadership and is dedicated to excellence in creating, collecting, preserving and disseminating knowledge in Civil Engineering. Transport & Traffic Engineering Study Unit (TESS) operates with the primary goal of promoting teaching & research in the fields of Intelligent Transportation and Traffic Engineering. Its competence is in resources & experience for coordinating and participating in international projects (Interreg/other EU). Expertise in state-of-art & best practice in People/Goods transport, Logistics, Fleet management, Feasibility studies, User needs & requirements, Evaluation and Impact analysis. UPatras has competence in conducting research related to green & blue growth economy sectors, studying how Circular Economy principals affect sustainable growth in smart cities. It leads/participates in many MED/EU projects in which: it has developed tools for the use of green procurement criteria (GRASP, GRASPINNO); and organized training courses/workshops/conferences. It gained vast experience in developing/implementing Living Lab (LL) methodology & establishing SMEs network. It will coordinate BLUEfasma, transfer LL know-how and guide PPs to implement BLLs, facilitate cooperation, support testing/ transferring/ capitalization.



Region of Crete

Region of Crete is a second grade local self government Authority for the island of Crete. Among its missions is to offer services for the citizens' benefit, to plan and implement policies at regional level with the principles of sustainable development and social cohesion of the country, taking into account national and European policies. Environment protection, climate change, circular economy, Energy saving and recycling are some of the priorities set for a balanced development adjusted to the new challenges.



Dynamic Vision P.C

Dynamic Vision P.C is a consultancy private company based in Athens, Greece. Dynamic Vision offers management and business solutions to public & private institutions on a wide spectrum of professional domains spanning from economic & social development to technological innovation with hands-on management & consultation on funding mechanisms. The company represents a reliable, agile partner established as expert in developing customized services on various projects focusing on innovation and circular economy priorities (green growth, blue economy). Specialized on advocacy and communication, Dynamic Vision holds a vast network following the 4-helix approach, forging long-term, collaborative relationships.

Pôle Mer Méditerranée - Toulon Var Technologies

Created in 2005, Pôle Mer Méditerranée (PMM) is a maritime innovation cluster located in South of France, focusing on innovation and competitiveness. Its ambition is to contribute to the sustainable development of the maritime and coastal economy in the Mediterranean basin, in Europe and across the globe. Pôle Mer Méditerranée covers two regions: SUD Provence-Alpes Côtes d’Azur and Occitanie. The network of involves 424 members including large companies, SMEs, research institute and academic. A stated ambition: To be one of the main levers of the integrated maritime policy by relaying and deploying national policies regionally. To be a driver of business competitiveness; to be an international reference point in marine and coastal issues and promote our members and territories through the «Pôle Mer» brand. PMM-TVT supports the blue economy sectors for many years and gathers various actors of the value chain. It stimulates and encourages innovation trough collaboration around 6 Strategic Business Areas: Defense, Maritime safety and security; Naval and yachting; Marine mining and energy resources; Marine biological resources; Environment and coastal valorisation; Harbours, infrastructures and shipping. PMM-TVT is an operational actor and will bring to BLUEfasma project an important network of blue growth stakeholders notably in the field of aquaculture.

Maritime Cluster of Balearic Islands

Balearic Islands Maritime Cluster, born in 2008, is a non-profit institution, which has established among its fundamental objectives: Create a meeting place for all economic and social agents, public administrations, research and technology centers and other entities and institutions that have interests related to the sea, promoting the development of the Balearic maritime sector, to achieve a higher level of competitiveness and sustainability for the entire sector, and in general the defense of their interests. The Cluster carries out actions of: Representativeness before public organizations to improve regulation and stimulate access to aid. Services, through participation in European Union Projects that improve knowledge, innovation, the quality of goods and services, and their internationalization. CMIB has extensive experience in creating and managing Business Incubators and Startup Accelerators, and we have the support of a Business Angels Network. We promote the development of entrepreneurship by acting as knowledge intermediaries to impulse the blue economy and the blue circular economy.




MedCities was established in 1991 in Barcelona when 16 cities formed a network with the purpose, initially, of supporting environmental protection from a local perspective. In 2015, the network became a fully independent organization and now brings 61 local authorities from all shores of the Mediterranean basin. MedCities mission is to enhance strategic urban development. Mostly formed by coastal cities, the potential of blue economy to enhance socioeconomic development is of strategic value for MedCities members and demands enhanced technical capacities. The network is well skilled in communication, capitalisation and transferability of experiences with espcia l focus on urban sustainable development, including socio economic development. This experience will be incorporated in the project. MedCities is strongly engaging in this action one of its funder members, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) where it will carry out the testing and transferring activities. Moreover, MedCities will be in charge of coordinating the capitalisation component of BLUEfasma.

Taormina Etna Consortium

The Distretto Taormina Etna (DTE) is a mixed (public-private) consortium company, with an exceptional national and international reputation, which has been working for over 13 years: it's Mission is to foster and support the social and economic development of the north-eastern Sicily by enhancing its spectacular natural beauties, cultural heritage, gastronomic delights and wines, local arts and crafts. An innovative approach intended to promote the growth of tourism and increase the local economic activities of the area through its network of 52 municipalities and more than 140 private members (SMEs) operating in sectors related to tourism, hospitality, agricultural production, fishing. Our society, along the years, has edited, submitted and implemented many projects (applying for regional, national and European calls), gaining considerable experience in this field. In particular, in recent years, the company focused on initiatives related to sustainable "green" tourism, protection of the environment, circular economy.

IMC Foundation - International Marine Centre

The IMC Foundation is a no profit institution recognized as a research facility of the Science and Technology Park of Sardinia and qualified as a “Research Institute of Regional relevance”. It is involved in various scientific activities, mainly focused on the study and revaluation of marine and coastal ecosystems. IMC also deals with the dissemination of scientific culture and sustainability for schools of all levels and types; it organizes conferences and seminars to share the results of experiments and research outcomes. Moreover, the Foundation is involved in the transfer of technology to local business for the development of sustainable production activities, mainly in the areas of aquaculture and algal production. The IMC participates in regional, national and international projects concerning proper practice in the management and protection of marine and coastal ecosystems.




Larnaca and Famagusta Districts Development Agency (ANETEL) was founded by the local government for the local government with the main objective to provide support services to its stakeholders in order to achieve self-sustaining, sustainable, diversified, vibrant territory that will attract people for work, habitation, and visit. ANETEL is an active partner and supporter to the public and private sector and operates in a rational combination for community service, entrepreneurship and management of high-level requirements of integrated development with transparency and efficiency. ANETEL is a LAG and a FLAG for the programming period 2014-2020 and is implementing a variety of EU projects in order to achieve the vision of its area of intervention


Stjepan REZO


The Regional Agency DUNEA has a portfolio of different types of projects delivered through cross-border cooperation programs and projects (IPA, IEE, UNDP, SEE, etc.), covering relevant economic, cultural and social sectors. Most cross-border cooperation has been carried out with the neighboring countries of the Adriatic area and South-East Europe, Mediterranean countries. DUNEA has contributed to these projects as lead beneficiary, project partner, associated partner, or final beneficiary. The combination of years of experience in project management and various fields of professions guarantee DUNEA's competence.


CEEETA-eco is a private sustainability consultancy company based in Lisbon, Portugal. It was founded in the year 2007, in order to carry on the work of CEEEETA, a well-known non-profit Portuguese association working as a think-tank in the energy, transport and environmental issues since early 1980’s. CEEETA-eco is mainly active in the fields of: energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, sustainable energy plans, sustainable mobility, decarbonisation action plans, environmental impacts, policy advice. CEEETA-eco has gathered valuable experience in dealing with other SMEs, knowledge bodies and Public Authorities. Also, know-how transfer for best practice projects to other initiatives and players are part of its experience. Recently CEEETA-eco is investing in Circular Economy, as key factor for its strategy and recognizing how crucial is for Europe future development. In the framework of BLUEfasma project, CEEETA-ECO will work with Public Authorities and other SMEs in the sectors of fishing/aquaculture in the subject of blue Circular Economy, raising awareness, providing transfer knowledge, supporting the creation of clusters and networks.



Chamber of Economy of Montenegro

The Chamber of Economy of Montenegro (PKCG) is a business association with rich tradition, an independent and professional institution, which represents interests of all commercial entities for the economic and overall development of Montenegro. Chamber advocates business community interests through both legal initiatives toward government bodies and permanent dedication on introduction of standards into enterprises thus raising their competitiveness. Furthermore, the Chamber directs and conducts its activities by representing the general interests of the economy and all economic entities, enabling companies to participate in managing the economy and thus preserve their freedom, encouraging production in the economy, presenting business opportunities in foreign countries and fostering business ethics and practices. Among many activities carried by the Chamber, its tasks also include implementation of various EU-funded projects in order to achieve the Chamber's vision, mission and goals.



Stratagem Energy Ltd

STRATAGEM Energy Ltd is an independent research and innovation SME committed to work towards sustainable development mainly in the areas of Energy, Environment, Transport, ICT, Maritime, Tourism and Urban Mobility. STRATAGEM provides insightful, timely and focused research on Engineering solutions along with Business services. STRATAGEM is comprised by an expert team of high qualified Researchers, Engineers and Innovation Managers focusing to provide and offer first class R&D&I services. STRATAGEM is implementing sustainable energy development projects for Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, Mobility, Urban Planning, Energy Audits and Renewable Energy Sources solutions, with a track record of 12 Horizon 2020 and 2 National projects.

Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture within the Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights

The primary objective of the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture is to ensure the sustainability of fish species in the seas and to address the requirements in the fisheries sector, by establishing required rules which: regulate the activities concerning fisheries and aquaculture; monitor and control these assets; help the parties involved to educate themselves with these regulations thus strengthening the sector, for the benefit of their dependants; promote the development of the aquaculture sector to supply products to the local and foreign market while reducing the pressure on wild fish; facilitate and ensure that consumers have access to fresh and healthy fish; gather, analyze and keep biological and economic information to serve as an objective basis for decisions underpinning the sustainability of fish in our waters.

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BLUEfasma project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg MED Programme 2014-2020 in the framework of the third call proposals for modular projects, under the Priority Axis 1.1 “To increase transnational activity of innovative clusters and networks of key sectors of the MED area”.